About Rev. Thomas Lewan, Ph.D

Rev. Thomas A. Lewan, Ph.D (pronounced “Lou-on”) has been mentored by James Van Praagh, Denise Linn, Gordon Smith, Abby Wynne, Dave Nelson,and Tania Rae 

He is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Elemental Space Clearer. He has also completed courses in Mediumship, Energy Healing, and Chakra balancing and clearing.

Rev. Tom, Ph.D is a Psychic Energy Healer.  Although he has explored, researched, and mastered many healing modalities, Rev. Tom has his own unique healing style that has been presented to him through guided meditations and direct contact with divine spirits.  Rev. Tom is guided by spirit energies and healing guides while performing healing sessions.  No two healing sessions are the same.

Rev. Tom, Ph.D is not a Psychic Medium although people who have passed often present themselves during a healing session, Rev. Tom is more aware of their present energies and not so in tuned to their messages.

Certified Spiritual Healer   –   Certified Reiki Master  –  Certified Elemental Space Clearer  –  Certified Energy Healer  –   Chakra Balancing and Clearing  – Auracloud / Aura Readings – Certified Crystal Healers – Certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner – Holistic Health Practitioner – Bio-Well Specialist – Animal Communicator/Pet Whisperer – Stellarwaves Crystal Light Therapist.